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1st Line Gear Page 1 , 2, 3, 4
2nd Line Gear Page 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
Headgear Page1
, Page 2, Page 3
Gloves Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Armour & Protective Gear Page 1, Page 2 , Page 3, Page 4
Outdoor Gear Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Personal Illumination Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6
Footwear Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8
Packs/Bags Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8
Medical/Emergency Kit Page 1, Page 2, Page 3


Page 1 - TAD, SKD, Dropzone
Page 2 - EMDOM CBDU, Arc'teryx, Massif Tru-spec
Page 3 - S.O.D., LEAF
Page 4 - LEAF


Light Weight Base Layers Page 1, Page 2
Mid Weight Base Layers Page 1, Page 2
Fleece/Insulating Tops Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Non-insulated Soft Shells Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Insulated Soft Shells Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Hard Shells Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Non-shell Jackets Page 1, Page 2
Pants (Regular) Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
Pants (Shell) Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Shorts Page 1, Page 2


Page 1 - Massif, driFIRE
Page 2 - 782 Gear


AR15s, Rails and Uppers Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7
AR Furniture Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5
AR Accessories Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7
Optics Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
AR Misc Stuff
Long Guns (non AR) page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Pistols 1 , Page 2, Page 3
Blades 1 , Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
Gun Care/ Shooting Accessories Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Slings Page 1, Page 2
Weapons Lights 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5


Crye Precision
Page 1 - Gen I Field uniform, R6 Uniform, Range vest
Page 2 - G3 Combat Uniform, AC, Gen I Combat Uniform, Misc
Page 3 - CAGE Chassis, Gen I Chassis, Blast Belt
Page 4 - CPC, GunClip, MagClip
Page 5 - AirFrame, JPC
Page 6 - Nightcap, Skullcap
Page 7 - AVS
Page 8 - LVS

Kifaru Packs
Parahootch/E&E/Field chair
Regulator & Woobie
Pack Setup

Mystery Ranch
NICE Frame

6500 Bag
Gen 2 NICE Frame and Crew Cab

EMDOM USA pg 1, pg 2, pg 3

HSLD Suspenders




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Snow Hike 'Photo essay'
SWAT competition


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EMDOM USA Flex Inner Belt (11/18/19)

Lowa Innox Pro GTX and Zephyr GTX Lo (9/18/19)

SureFire M600DF Dual Fuel Scout Light (5/15/19)
Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt

Arisaka Defense Side Scout Light Mounts (4/5/19)

SureFire Stiletto and DBR Guardian Flash lights (3/22/19)

Forward Controls Design ATA (Adjustable Turret Cap, Aimpoint Micro) (2/11/19)

Battle Arms Development RACK Ambi Charging Handle (1/19/19)



EMDOM MP5 Fast Access Magazine Pouch (11/12/18)
Maritime Assaults in Wolf Grey

MM Edition OD Maritime Assaults - limited run (10/17/18)

XS F8 Night Sights (Glock) (5/18/18)
SightLines Headset Ear Cushions Update

ITS Tactical TourniQuick Rapid Tourniquet Deployment Pouch (4/14/18)
Updated/new products from Forward Controls Design

BCM GUNFIGHTER Gen 3 charging handles (3/11/18)
Multitasker Twist

.22LR AR pistol build (2/22/18)
Tactical Distributors Carlos Ray Pants 2.1


SightLines Headset Ear Cushions (12/21/17)
Crye Precision LVS

Altama OTB Maritime Assault Boots - OD Green (11/17/17)
BCM M-Lok Accessories

Olight M2R Warrior (10/29/17)

Altama OTB Maritime Assault Boots (9/21/17)
Olight X7R Marauder

Tyrant Designs Halo HandStop (8/19/17)
TangoDown iO Cover -003

Olight S Mini Ti (7/17/17)

Olight H2R Nova Headlamp (6/24/17)
Forward Controls Design EMR-A

MSM Head Gear (4/23/17)
TangoDown/Vickers Tactical Slide Racker GSR-03

MSM Hoodie RAW (3/17/17)

Olight H1R Nova Headlamp (2/25/17)
Updated Arisaka Defense 300/600 light bodies

Forward Controls Design ABC/R-AA (1/22/17)
Arisaka Defense Low Profile Picatinny Rails


Griffin Armament Micro Modular (M2) Sights (12/21/16)
Olight S30R Baton III Flashlight

PIG FDT-Delta Glove in Crye MultiCam (11/29/16)
Olight H1 Nova Headlamp
Olight H05 Headlamps and S1R Baton Light

EMDOM-MM Large GPS Pouch (10/9/16)

Hawkrigger Belts (9/16/16)

Patrol Incident Gear FDT-Delta Utility Glove (8/28/16)

Victor Company Titan 1022 Rimfire Stock (7/3/16)

Battle Arms Development VERT PDW Stock (5/8/16)

Lowa Task Force Z-6S GTX Boots (4/9/16)

Patrol Incident Gear FDT-Bravo Glove (3/26/16)

EMDOM USA Baker Street Bag (2/28/16)
BCM PNT Trigger Assembly and Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

Griffon Industries x Mark Owen Calico Premium Denim Jeans (1/18/16)
Kinetic Development Group SCAR Accessories



PDG Armoured Slingshot (12/5/15)
Blue Force Gear Dapper Organizers

Arisaka Defense Inline Ring Mount and Offset Picatinny Mount (11/9/15)
Battle Arms Development Rifle Build

Griffin Armament SN-ACH Charging Handle (10/30/15)
BCM KeyMod Rail Covers
EMDOM Universal Pistol Magazine Pouch

Super Tricon Trigger from Geissele Automatics (9/30/15)
Prometheus Design Worx Odyssey Cargo Short RS
Griffin Armament Hammer Comp and Paladin Brake

Retro-ish Carbine Build and Griffin XM Linear Comp (8/28/15)
Arc'teryx LEAF Assault Glove FR
Arisaka Defense Tailcap and CMR Offset Scout Mount

Forward Controls Design AR Accessories (7/23/15)
MAXPEDITION Rollypoly in Wolf Grey
Battle Arms Development Stocks

Fortis F1 Optics Mount (6/25/15)
Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Belt Pouches
Bravo Company USA BCMGUNFIGHTER Modular Light Mounts

Battle Arms Development Enhanced Magazine Release Button (5/16/15)
Arisaka Defense 300 and 600 Series Light Bodies
Battle Arms Development Scalloped Lever

Griffin Armament 762 Taper Mount Flash Comp & Blast Shield (4/25/15)
BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock in other colours now available
Arisaka Defense Offset Scout Mount KeyMod
PIG FDT Alpha Touch Glove in Carbon Grey

INFORCE APL Updated (3/28/15)
Law Tactical Gen 3 AR Folding Stock Adapter
Arc'teryx LEAF Atom LT Hoody
EMDOM Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch

INFORCE WMLx and updated WML (2/28/15)
Arisaka Defense Finger Stop
Griffin Armament Enhanced Mil Spec BCG

AXTS Talon Ambidextrous Safety Lever (1/27/15)
Griffin Fail Safe Angle Sights
Salomon Forces Boots


Arisaka Defense Light Mounts
BCMGUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip Mod 3

Griffin Armament Blast Shield (11/25/14)
Griffin Armament Linear Compensator & updated Flash Comp

BCM Gunfighter Stock (10/26/14)
Vltor VIS-KM Polylithic Keymod Upper

Mechanix Wear MultiCam Gloves (9/29/14)
Rosch Works SLM1 Light Mount

BCM KeyMod QD Sling Mount (8/28/14)
Oneiros Valley Practical Admin Pouch

EMDOM-MM Charge Satchel (7/25/14)
Noveske KeyMod Scout Light Mount
VERTX Phantom OPS Airflow SOLID Pant (7/9/14)

Arc'teryx LEAF IE.70 Riggers Leg Loop (6/26/14)
EMDOM GPS Pouch fits Garmin Rino 655t
Velocity Systems Rugby Shirt
Arc'teryx Index Totes

VERTX Solid Raptor Belt (5/18/14)
EMDOM-MM Multitasker Pouch (5/10/14)
SKD Exclusive Freewaters MultiCam Scamp Sandal

Centurion Arms CMR Accessory Pack (4/28/14)
Regulation Tactical Reflex Magazine Pouch
BCM 13" KMR Upper receiver group with ELW Barrel

EMDOM/MM PVC Patch (3/29/14)
Arc'teryx LEAF DryPack 70
Brite Strike Tactical Balls

VERTX Phantom OPS Tactical Pant (2/28/14)
BCMGunfighter Grip Mod 2
ROSCH Works SL1 SureFire Tail Cap Adapter

VERTX Phantom LT Shorts (1/24/14)
Raven Concealment TopStop (1/18/14)
VERTX Phantom LT Pants


Bawidamann Blades Modular PUPs
Oneiros OV Belt Guide & MEAN Pad (12/10/13)

Phokus Research Group Hoplite (11/28/13)
Patrol Incident Gear FDT-Alpha Touch Glove
Off The Grid Concepts Sheaths

ROSCH Works SL1 Sight Light (10/28/13)
BCMGunfighter Vertical Foregrip SHORT
BCMGunfighter Grip Mod 3

MSM Bottle Corset (9/29/13)
EMDOM-MM MultiCam Omega Mesh dump pouch
Battle Arms Development EPP and ETP
Arc'teryx LEAF Covert Case C/O (9/3/13)

EMDOM USA SHP and SVP Pouches (8/26/13)
Original SWAT Classic 6" Boots
AR Multitasker Series 3 Tool

Crye Precision Modular Riggers Belt (7/24/13)
Crye Precision Airlite Plate Carrier
Centurion Arms 5.56 Modular Rail (CMR) System

Crye Precision AVS (Part 4) (6/24/13)
Crye Precision AVS (Part 3)
Crye Precision AVS (Part 2)
Crye Precision AVS (Part 1)

Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter (5/25/13)
MM 2A (2nd Amendment) Patch
Arc'teryx LEAF Talos LT Halfshell
Crye Precision Nightcap and Skullcap
BCM Gunfighter's Vertical Fore Grip

Zero Tolerance ZT0360.SKD.MM Limited Edition MM Knife (4/29/13)
Arc'terx Khard 30 pack
BCM GUNFIGHTER Mod A44 Ambi Charging Handle
Triple Aught Design Covert Pant RS

Princeton Tec Charge MPLS and Byte (3/29/13)
EMDOM-MM CM Belt Pad Set
BCMGunfighter Comp
EMDOM-MM Fire-Ex Pouch and extinguisher

INFORCE APL (2/28/13)
Cold Bore Customs G17 Grip Modifications
BCM Gunfighter's Grip
ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Tallboy
NEMO Losi Combat 2P SE Tent

TangoDown Flip Grip (1/26/13)
Patrol Incident Gear FDT- Alpha Glove
TangoDown Front Sight Flashlight Adapter


Danner Melee Boots (12/24/12)
TAD Ranger Jacket
Griffin Armament M4SD II Muzzle Devices
Nitecore TM15 Searchlight

Off The Grid Concepts ADR MK3 Holster (11/25/12)
TAD Force 10 Cargo Pant - Battleship Grey NYCO Ripstop
American Defense Manufacturing Mounts
Blue Force Gear RACKminus

Rainier Arms/AXTS Ambidextrous Charging Handle (10/27/12)
Blue Force Gear Sling Hardware
Sand Storm Hoodoo and Lightfighter boots
Noveske NSR Handguard

IO Cover - Aimpoint Micro Lens Caps (9/28/12)
Glock Grip Force Adapter
SOTECH VIPER Plate Carrier System
Solar Tactical AK47 MFER

Arc'teryx Blade 15 Pack (8/27/12)
Manufacturer Profile: Steel Flame
Fortis Manufacturing RAP
215 Gear Operator's Notebook
215 Gear Operator's Shirt

Vltor KeyMod Data Package Public Release (7/25/12)
Bawidamann Blades PUP Update
Outdoor Research Ironsight Glove

EMDOM-MM Modular Magazine Carrier (6/27/12)
Arc'teryx LEAF Naga Hoody
Mossie Tactics MT 2400 TRN Light Mount
TangoDown FN SCAR Extended Side rails
ITW Ghillietex Ziplines

ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch (5/26/12)
Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper
Vltor CASV-14 M1A/M14 Rail System
Arc'teryx LEAF Drac Jacket

VERTX Tactical Pant Revisited (4/26/12)
Vickers Tactical Glock Magazine Floor Plate
Group99 L5 Soft Shell Jacket and Pants
INFORCE WML update - momentary switch version
Arc'teryx LEAF Atom LT Pants

Lowa Camino Flex GTX boots (3/28/12)
EMDOM-MM Adam Belt
Arc'teryx LEAF Talos Halfshell Patterned
J-Tech E.A.T. Type Emergency Action Trunk

Masley Enterprises Waterproof Combat Gloves (2/25/12)
Grey Ghost Gear LW Assault Packs
HSP/IWC Adaptive Light Mounts
Source Rider, Dagger & Razor Hydration Carriers
EMDOM-MM TNT-EM (Extended Mission) Bag

Source Hydration ILPS and WLPS reservoirs (1/27/12)
S.O.D. Gear Stealth Pant ADP
Echo Niner Camera Strap
Arc'teryx LEAF Tactician AR glove
BackJack Tactical Lumbar Support System


Massif Lightweight Tactical Shirt (12/28/11)
Diamondhead-USA Sights
BattleComp Enterprises Tactical Compensators
Salomon Quest 4D GTX Boots

S.O.D. Gear Combat Line in Hyde Definition PenCott (11/24/11)
OR Gear Flashpoint Gloves
Arc'teryx LEAF H·150 Rigger's belt
Combat Training Aids Inert Weapons

Hill People Gear Tarahumara Pack (10/28/11)
INFORCE Weapon Mounted Light
AXTS Weapons Systems AX556 Lower Receiver
Arc'teryx LEAF Wraith Jacket and Pants
TangoDown Hyperion SCAR ASL and ACH

New Arc'teryx military knee caps (9/29/11)
SKD PIG Hydration Carrier
Vickers/TangoDown Glock mag release and slide stop
Arc'teryx LEAF Talos Pants Patterned
Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt and Pants
Cold Bore Customs Glock Work

AXTS Weapons Systems A-DAC-F Lower Receiver (8/25/11)
CrossTac Pro Armorer's Mat
EMDOM-MM TNT GYM Bag (Extended)
Shaddox Tactical Bean Bag and Shell Carrier
EMDOM-MM Padded Multi-purpose Case
Badger Ordnance M7 Scout Light Mount

Crye Precision WindLiner (7/27/11)
Massif Integrated Tactical Jacket
Badger Ordnance AR-15 Universal Safety
Down Range Gear QASM Vertical Connector
TAD Stealth Hoodie Lt
Echo Nine Three AK Sling Loops

Beez Combat Systems AK Chest Rig (6/24/11)
782 Gear Velocity Soft Shell 1/4 Zip
Hydration aids - Nuun and ORAL I.V.
TAD Force 10 Cargo Pant - NYCO Ripstop
782 Gear Flash-Lite FR BAC 1/4 Zip
LaRue LT-171 Upgrade Mount

Crye Precision MagClip (5/29/11)
782 Gear Smokin' Sweater
Gear Sector Vertical Grip
Crye Precision G3 Field Shirt
AR Multitasker II Tool
Griffin Armament M4-SD Tactical Compensator

Arc'teryx LEAF gloves (4/26/11)
Crye Jumpable Plate Carrier
MM Skull PVC Patch
LaRue LT752 Scout Offset Mount
Bawidamann Blades Blank PUPs
MPLS Switch and Remix Pro MPLS

IWC 2 to 1 point Triglide (3/29/11)
LaRue R.I.S.R.
Crye Precision AirFrame Helmet
Crye Precision GunClip
US PALM AK Products

Arc'Teryx LEAF Sphinx Halfshell (2/26/11)
Source Hydration LPS Reservoir
Arc'Teryx LEAF Atom AF Jacket
Luma Loop Camera Sling

ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag (1/30/11)
Arc'Teryx LEAF Sphinx and Gryphon Pants
Revision Military new Sawfly
215 Gear Operators Hat, ELW
Mayflower R&C APC
Desert Tactical Arms SRS Soft Case


BAD-ASS-ST and BAD-CASS-3P (12/30/10)
Multitasker Ultralight and Tube
Promo Page updated
MM 1/6 Scale Figure (one-off)
USA-Spirit D-Day Kit
Warrior Wound Kit
Bawidamann Blades PUP
Triple Eight Professional Knives
Source Hydration Diamond 3L LPA System

Kifaru OTW Bag (11/25/10)
LaRue Tactical LT-751, LT-649S and LT-724
Gear Sector SF Scout Light Mount
Lowa Uplander Desert Boot
Arc'teryx Chimera Shirt

Gear Sector SF X-Series Light Mount (10/29/10)
ESS Crossbow Suppressor Eyeshields
TAD Spectre Jacket
LaRue Index Clips and Handstop
S.O.D. Gear Skin01 Shirt
EMDOM-MM Hippie Panel
Vltor SCAR Stock Adapter

Down Range Gear NRL (9/24/10)
S.O.D. Gear Boonie Hat
S.O.D. Gear in CB62 camo pattern
AK Ti Apocalypspork
Zero Tolerance ZT0360.SKD
TAD Explorer Jacket

VERTX Tactical Short (8/29/10)
Arc'teryx Gryphon Half Shell
S.O.D. Shorts
Hammerhead Rifle Tool Gen II
Lone Wolf Knives D/A Automatics

S.O.D. Vipera Jacket (7/24/10)
Camelbak Gloves
TAD Gear Tech T
MM Military Jobs Portal added
S.O.D. Gear Combat Line
P.I.G. Plate Carrier

Gear Sector Light Mounts (6/27/10)
Princeton Tec Remix and MPLS
Vltor A5 Buffer & Recoil System
Gear Sector Rail Mount Hand Stop
Wilcox Industries L4 G24 NVG Helmet Mount (6/4/10)

Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selector (5/30/10)
CORDURA brand Baselayers by Tru-Spec
OTTE Gear DK Hybrid Jacket
Gear Sector Sling Rail Mounts
Mil-Spec Monkey Medic Square patches
New Source Hydration Reservoirs
OTB Bootistans

Otte Gear Patrol Parka (4/25/10)
HammerHead Rifle Tool
Clothing menu re-categorized on left (4/19/10)
Eye Safety Systems Eye Pro
Lowa Zephyr GTX Hi TF Desert Boot
RailRiders VersaTac Shorts

LaRue LT-105 mount and TA44SR-10 (3/26/10)
Kifaru Koala
OTTE Super L Windshirt
Vltor IMOD Stock
Revision Eyewear Giveaway contest #3
TAD Gear Force 10 Softshell Utility Cargos

Arc'Teryx LEAF Alpha Bib(2/27/10)
EMDOM-MM Dragster Strap
Revision Eyewear Giveaway Contest #2 Winners
High-vis colours for MAXPEDITION RollyPoly
Battle Arms Development Matech upgrade
SKD Tactical Enhanced BDU Pants - Gen 2
Addax GPU upgrades and FRS Anti-tilt buffer

Rear Lefty Sling loop for the Para FAL (1/31/10)
LumaLoop Camera Sling
215Gear Enhanced Rigger's Belt
Vltor CASV-FA Handguard for the FAL
RIP, Reagan Burke
Magpul Angled Fore Grip (AFG)
TAD Gear Spectre Hoodie LRP MultiCam
MM T-shirt run in Coyote and Black
Crye Precision CAGE Plate Carrier


Mil-spec Monkey Blood Type patches (12/29/09)
TAD Gear Ranger Hoodie v5
Arc'Teryx LEAF Alpha LT Jacket
ITS Tactical Blow Out Kit
CTOMS M-Harness

TAD Gear F.A.S.T. Pack Litespeed (11/29/09)
Arc'Teryx Blade 21 Pack
CP Gear FASTmag flap
Promos and Specials page added
BAD-T3 and T4 M1/M1A Tools
Vltor Folding Front Sight Tower Gen 2
Arc'teryx LEAF Atom LT jacket
TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie Reloaded

CTOMS MED 2ndline - a look inside (10/26/09)
ITW Military Anti-slip and Quick Attach Surface Mount buckles
Magpul Enhanced Butt Pad
MM/EMDOM URS and Gunslingers in Crye MultiCam
TAD Gear Force 10 Cargo Utilities, Rip Stop H
BAD-T1 'The Armorer' M1/M1A Multi-function tool

Insight Tech-Gear MRDS (9/25/09)
CTOMS 2ndline Pack System
Rest In Peace, Dan
OTB JungleLite and DesertLite boots
VERTX Action Polo with coldblack

Cat Tail for NightForce NXS Compact (8/28/09)
OPS-CORE ACH Occ-Dial Liner kit
Massif FR Cool Knit T-shirt and Breeze Boxer Briefs
Addax Tactical Advanced Tactical AR Cabine (ATAC) Gas Piston Upper
VERTX Tactical Pants now available

Rocket World Force 10 Spartan Shorts (7/25/09)
EMDOM-MM Contractor BDU
Vltor SMQ-OCG Light Mount
Mystery Ranch Duffel Bags
Cat Tail (Power lever for scopes)
Jones Tactical FatZombie Duty Belt
ITW FASTmag (Gen 3)
Tru-Spec Combat Shirt (Gen 2)

EMDOM-MM Patch (6/27/09)
Noveske QD End Plate
Mystery Cinch
OTTE Gear DK Jacket
TangoDown 20-round ARC magazine
AR Multitasker Tool
EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch
Lowa Elite Desert Boots (6/3/09)

Armament Dynamics ACLM Charging Handle (5/29/09)
Update on Viper Hood/Ghillie Zen Customs
Leatherman Crunch Tool
Arborwear Tech Pants
Tactical Concealment Viper Hood/Ghillie Zen Customs
Rocky S2V Desert Combat Boots

215Gear Tactical Visor and Coyote Blended Operators Hat (4/29/09)
Magpul Industries MBUS
MSM Stealth Util/Admin Pouch
C.A.T. M-4 Tool
Crye CAGE Chassis Range Report and Shoulder Plates
Ops-Core FAST Bump Helmet

TangoDown ARC Magazine (3/30/09)
Badger Ordnance Tactical Bolt Knob
MM Shirt now in Sand/Tan
VERTX Tactical Pant Preview
TAD Gear Recon Pouch
Crye Precision CAGE Armoured Chassis (Initial Writeup)
Benchmade Mini-Rukus

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! (2/27/09)
OSOE Micro Rigs
Exclusive MilitaryMorons T-shirt designed by Andrew Bawidamann now available!
Revision Sawfly-TX Eyewear System
Tru-Spec Combat Shirt
Spike's ST-22 update and mod

Crye Precision Gen 2 Combat Shirt and Pant AC (1/29/09)
TAD Gear Round Pocket
LaRue Tactical AK Irondot MRD
EMDOM USA Vehicle Hydration Carrier
TAD Gear Raptor Hardshell Jacket




EMDOM-MM Large GPS Pouch
EMDOM-MM Charge Satchel

EMDOM-MM Multitasker Pouch


MM 2A (2nd Amendment) Patch

EMDOM-MM CM Belt Pad Set


EMDOM-MM Fire-Ex Pouch and extinguisher



EMDOM-MM Modular Magazine Carrier

EMDOM-MM Adam Belt



EMDOM-MM TNT GYM Bag (Extended)


MM Skull PVC Patch

EMDOM-MM Hippie Panel




EMDOM-MM Dragster Strap


EMDOM-MM Contractor BDU

EMDOM-MM Dump Pouch

MM/Bawidamann T-shirt


EMDOM-MM Gunslinger Sling


EMDOM-MM Battle Suspenders

EMDOM-MM AK/M4 pouch
MM/SERT System C3 Case
EMDOM-MM 3o2 pouch

EMDOM-MM USA URS sling (Updated with long URS - 10/10/06)

EMDOM-MM USA 6o4 Pistol mag pouch
MAXPEDITION Rolly Poly (MM Dump pouch)



Every little bit is appreciated!


TAD Gear Special Service Sweater and Praetorian Hoodie (12/29/08)
OTTE Gear MultiCam Alpine Trouser
Vltor CASV-S Bi-level handguard preview
215 Gear Blended Operators Hat
TAD Gear Dispatch Bag
Bates Tora Bora Alpine Combat Boots
TAD Gear Survival Spark
Source Hydration Reservoirs
TAD Gear Force 10 Spartan Pant
OTB Thor TC Tactical Land Boot

TangoDown SCAR panel preview (11/27/08)
Addax Tactical GPU upper
OTB Land Boots - Bushmaster and Ferdelance
Original SOE Gear Xmas Stockings
MSM Loop Panels
TAD Gear Merino Watch Cap and Neck Gaiter

BlueForceGear Camo VCAS AA sling (10/31/08)
Safariland MOLLE Locking System
Zensah Leg Recovery Sleeves
Spike's Tactical ST-22 Upper
LaRue ACOG RCO Mount
APCU Level 1 Baselayer Top
UK Gear PT-03 Desert Running Shoes

TAD Gear Battle Hoodie (9/26/08)
BattleLab R.B.V. Predator Ballistic Vest (2nd Gen)
TNVC Cree Q5 LED Drop-in Lamp (9/17/08)
Arc'Teryx Military Kneecaps
Ops-Core ACH-ARC

Maglula magazine loaders (8/29/08)
Arc'Teryx Combat Jacket in Crye MultiCam (8/23/08)
Update - Light carriers for Liberator and Tomahawk (8/21/08)
LaRue Tactical Offset Light Mounts (8/15/08)
CTOMS X-Belt PS (8/9/08)
"Ghetto" BDM thumb loader (8/3/08)
MM/EMDOM Gunslinger Sling (8/3/08)
Ops-Core VAS Shroud NV Helmet Mount (8/2/08)

Aimpoint CompM4 and LaRue QD Mounts (7/26/08)
Browning Hi-power Facelift (7/19/08)
LaRue Tactical FUG
TAD Gear Nylon Force 10 Cargo Utilities 2007
Magpul Industries CTR Stock (7/1/08)

MM/EMDOM Ammo SAC (6/25/08)
SureFire XT07 Rail Switch Tailcap
MM/EMDOM Battle Suspenders
TAD Gear Pathfinder Jacket (6/14/08)
TangoDown/ADM vertical grips
Advanced Tactical Camera
"Send It" poster
TAD Gear Bandoleer
OTTE Gear Alpine Trouser
BattleLab Accessory Platform Pouches

BlueForceGear Padded VCAS Sling (5/25/08)
OTTE Gear Alpine Jacket in Crye MultiCam (5/17/08)
TAD Gear Rapid Deploy Dump Pods (5/15/08)
Kifaru Pods and Grab-it Panel (5/10/08)
PWS AR15 Piston Conversion (5/4/08)
TAD Gear Force 10 Utility Top (5/2/08)

Lancer Systems L5 Translucent mag (4/27/08)
TAD Gear Anorak Hardshells (4/23/08)
Magpul Industries PMag Ranger Plates (4/17/08)
Firstlight USA Tomahawk and Liberator (4/13/08)
SPRINCO Springs and Recoil Reducers (4/10/08)
BattleLab Advanced Warrior FAPC (4/5/08)
Magpul Industries UBR stock (4/2/08)


Crosstac D-Belt Urban Tactical Belt (3/28/08)
ITW/Down East Inc FASTmag (3/24/08)
TAD Gear Merino Wool Garments (3/21/08)
SLiP2000 Brush Buddy (3/16/08)
Kifaru Organizer and Mini-long pockets (3/11/08)
TAD Gear Merino Stealth Coat (3/7/08)
Vltor SM-OCG Light Mount (3/1/08)

TAD Gear V3.0 Ranger Hoodie (2/28/08)
OSOE Tapered War Belt Sleeve (2/22/08)
TangoDown SureFire Helmet Light Ball Cap Mount (2/15/08)
TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie SS v3.0 and Stealth Jacket (2/9/08)
TACARM Alta Knee Pad Ballistic Modification (2/2/08)

Vltor Fortis Pistol Project Press release (1/31/08)
TangoDown Grip Chip (1/30/08)
Beyond Tactical Clothing (1/24/08)
Daniel Defense Omega Rail (1/18/08)
MM/EMDOM USA AK/M4 mag pouch (1/13/08)
Bobro Gen 2 Bipod (1/11/08)
LaRue Tactical Stealth Sniper System Range update (1/6/08)
Troy/Noveske Battle Sights (1/4/08)
Kifaru Regulator Sleeping Bag System (1/3/08)
TangoDown SureFire Helmet light rail mount (1/1/08)

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2007 Gear and Weapons Reviews

Original SOE Trouser Belt (12/31/07)
LaRue Tactical Stealth Sniper System LT-011 (12/27/07)
MAXPEDITION ROLLYPOLY Backpack and Extreme (12/20/07)
TACARM Ballistic Combat Uniform (BCU) and inserts (12/16/07)
SAR Knives SARclops EDC (12/9/07)
TAD Gear Limited Edition Striker Leather Flight Jacket (12/4/07)

Kifaru Woobie (11/30/07)
LaRue Aimpoint Micro QD mounts (11/25/07)
OTB (Over The Beach) Boots (11/20/07)
OTTE Gear Patrol Parka (Earth colour) (11/15/07)
TAD Gear F.A.S.T. Pack EDC (11/9/07)
CrossTac AR-15 Armorer Block (11/4/07)
Kifaru XRay Pack (11/1/07)

MARS Armament 1911 Pistol Makeover (10/27/07)
TAD Gear OP1 Pouch (10/25/07)
Vltor MUR update (10/22/07)
Vltor CASV-M Midlength handguard (10/20/07)
ERGO Rear Squeeze Bag (10/19/07)
MAXPEDITION Monkey Combat Admin Pouch (10/14/07)
EMDOM USA H2O Hydration Carrier (10/10/07)
CrossTac Ambi Sling Connector (10/7/07)
TAD Gear F.A.S.T. Pack Patrol Size (10/5/07)

UK Gear PT-03 SC Running Shoes (9/30/07)
MM/SERT System C3 case production version now shipping (9/26/07)
NovaTac EDC-120T Light (9/20/07)
OR Gear Argonaut Gloves (9/14/07)
TAD Gear V8 Garage Jacket (9/9/07)
Mesa Tactical Saddle Mount for the 870 (9/3/07

OR Gear Crossbow Gloves (8/29/07)
Short BOBRO Grip with SACL (8/25/07)
PWS FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator (8/22/07)
MAXPEDITION COLOSSUS Versipack (8/20/07)
Outdoor Research FR Ninja Balaclava EL (8/17/07)
MAXPEDITION Merlin Folding Backpack (8/12/07)
Magpul Industries PMAG (8/9/07)
Badger Ordnance "Sniper Rifles of the World" 18-month calendar (8/5/07)
Warren Tactical and Dawson Precision sights for the M&P (8/3/07)
MAXPEDITION Manta Versipack (8/1/07)

Vltor VST-1C Folding Front Sight Assembly Torque Test (7/30/07)
LaRue Tactical LT-649 Pivot Mount (7/29/07)
BOBRO Vertical Grip with SACL (7/26/07)
driFIRE Gen 2 FR garments (7/24/07)
LaRue Tactical Harris Bipod Adapter (7/22/07)
Maratac Force Multiplier Bag (7/17/07)
TAD Gear ODRP Force 10 Cargo Utilities (7/14/07)
TangoDown 'K' grip (new mold) (7/11/07)
MM Exclusive First look - Avon C50 and M53 Respirators (7/10/07)
LaRue Tactical Scout and MU upgrade mounts (7/7/07)
MAXPEDITION MOIRE pouches (7/4/07)
OR Gear Overlord Gloves (7/3/07)

BattleLab FAPC (6/29/07)
Vltor E-MOD stock in all 3 colours (6/27/07)
Crye Multicam Water Transfer Updated info (6/26/07)
CountyComm Mine Probe Case (6/23/07) and Gunsite custom embroidered RollyPolys (6/21/07)
Midwest Industries Heavy Duty sling adaptor (6/20/07)
CountyComm Pocket Widgy bars and Collector's Bag (6/17/07)
OR Gear Sentry Gloves (6/15/07)
EMDOM USA .308 Double mag pouch (6/12/07)
Norton Universal Cleaning Stick (6/11/07)
ITW Military Products plastic hardware ID reference (6/8/07)
TAD Gear Force 10 Cargo Shorts (6/7/07)
TAD Gear Battery pouches (6/4/07)
OR Gear Longbow gloves (6/2/07)

RailRiders VersaTac pants (5/30/07)
Vltor E-MOD stock preview (5/28/07)
Inka Pen (5/27/07)
DBT FAPC inserts and S-3 plates (5/25/07)
OTTE Gear MultiCam hardshell parka (5/20/07)
Sordin Gel Earseals (5/17/07)
TangoDown ACB4 bipod in FDE (5/14/07)
TNVC SAR mounts (5/11/07)
Vltor Compensator 1st Model (5/06/07)
Revision Military Desert Locust goggles (5/02/07)

UCP, Black and Foliage Green KitMats (4/28/07)
Ops-Core CBRN/Gas Mask extender (4/26/07)
SureFire SRxx Tape switch (4/20/07)
Zensah products available in Desert Sand (4/15/07)
MM/EMDOM 3o2 Pistol mag pouch (4/12/07)
Modified Strider DB-GG (4/10/07)
Another ACOG/MRD Mounting option (4/7/07)
TAD Gear Ranger Hoodie (4/7/07)
OR Gear PS150 gloves (4/4/07)
TAD Gear Scout Hoodie (4/1/07)

Pentagon MOLLE Light (3/30/07)
Rammite Merino Headwear (3/27/07)
HK MP7A1 (PDW) sights (3/25/07)
ATS Tactical Medical Blow-out Pouches (3/24/07)
Rammite Merino Zip Polo (3/20/07)
LaRue Tactical Irondot MRD (3/16/07)
Petzl e+LITE headlamp (3/14/07)
SKD 'Sterile' Tactical Ball Cap (3/10/07)
Purell Hand Sanitizer and ITW Warrior Wipes (3/9/07)
Skydex Helmet Pad update: ACH pad kit (3/7/07)
TAD Gear Predator Hardshell Jacket (3/6/07)
EMDOM USA/MM KitMat Preview (3/3/07)
Revision Military Sawfly Tan frames (3/1/07)

ITW MASH hook (2/28/07)
TAD Gear Legionnarie Classic Cargo pants (2/27/07)
Massif Mountain Gear Elements Softshell FR Clothing (updated 2/25/07)
Visit to Vltor 'Photo essay' Part 5 - 7.62mm Minigun (2/17/07)
Lightsaver 'Blitzer' Tailcap (2/14/07)
SKD Tac Alpha and Charlie MultiCam Shirts (2/11/07)
SureFire Gen 2 Helmet light and MOLLE adapter (2/6/07)
Crye Precision Gen 2 Blast Belt (2/3/07)

Visit to Vltor 'Photo essay' Part 4 - Mk46 and Mk48 (1/27/07)
TAD Gear Force Cargo Utilities 2007 (1/25/07)
OR Gear Waterproof Pack Cover (1/22/07)
Midwest Industries MCTAR-17 Forearm (1/20/07)
PWS DNTC AR-15 compensator (1/19/07)
Ops-Core Head-Loc Helmet Retention System (1/16/07)
Outdoor Research Water Bottle Parka and Air Purge dry sack (1/13/07)
Vltor Midlength VIS (1/11/07)
Vltor M4K preview (1/6/07)
Visit to Vltor 'Photo essay' Part 3 - The belt feds (1/4/07)
Badger Ord Ambi charging handle (1/3/07)


Vltor CASV-EL Handguard (12/31/06)
Vltor VIS update (12/31/06)
Visit to Vltor 'Photo essay' Part 2 - At the range (12/28/06)
Alta MultiCam knee pads (12/27/06)
Vltor Bipod Preview (12/26/06)
Visit to Vltor 'Photo essay' Part 1 (12/25/06)
Crye MultiCam Water Transfer Printing (12/22/06)
Timney/POF drop-in AR15 trigger group (12/22/06)
Rammite Australia Merino Wear (12/21/06)
OR Gear Gloves (12/20/06)
OR Gear Headwear (12/18/06)
CountyComm pocket pry bars (12/14/06)
Real SOE Gear Riggers Belts (12/10/06)
CountyComm 72 HR Bag (12/9/06)
Phoebus Manufacturing Tactical Lights (12/6/06)
Arc'Teryx Alpha Pant (12/3/06)

Safety Systems/driFIRE performance clothing (11/26/06)
Arc'Teryx Charlie pack (11/26/06)
Mystery Ranch Gen 2 NICE frame and Crewcab bag (11/24/06)
SureFire KROMA flashlight (11/22/06)
LaRue Tactical STEALTH billet upper (11/12/06)
SureFire M69 Rem 870 rail (11/5/06)

'The Modern Warrior' picture (10/31/06)
Daniel Defense 12.0 Rail (10/28/06)
Crye Precision R6 Field Uniform (10/17/06)
Vltor M1A/M14 Modstock and CAS-14 rail (10/15/06)
LaRue Tactical 7.0 Free Float Handguard (10/14/06)
Crye Precision Boonie Hat (10/13/06)
TAD Gear Gen 2 Stealth Softshell Hoodie (10/10/06)
MAXPEDITION Rolly Poly in UCP (10/9/06)
Zensah Loose Fit Long Sleeve shirt (10/8/06)
County Comm BOB (10/7/06)
MI Back-up Iron Sights (10/6/06)
LaRue Tactical Two-piece rings and SPR-M4 mount (10/1/06)

ZT knives ZT0200 (9/28/06)
Zensah military discount offer (9/28/06)
Petzl TacTikka XP ADAPT (9/24/06)
TAD Gear Titanium spork (9/21/06)
SureFire X200B and DG-18 switch (9/20/06)
MI MCTAR-22 rail (9/4/06)

MI Front sling adaptors (8/30/06)
TAD Gear Life Capsule, Tactical (8/26/06)
Vltor Modular Upper Receiver (8/18/06)
EOD Robotics Pocket Grappling Hook (8/17/06)
Gemtech TRL in Foliage Green (8/12/06)
Eagle FSBE II Patrol Pack (8/12/06)
Eagle TREC-W/P rolling equipment bag (8/8/06)
Eagle Chest rig (SKD all- MOLLE version) and ESSTAC 'Toaster' mag pouch (8/6/06)
TAD Gear Ranger Eyes (8/5/06)
EMDOM USA Recon Waist Pack (8/2/06)


Arc AAA LED light (7/30/06)
ITW Web Dominator Clip (7/25/06)
Gear Sector ASP-V sling (7/24/06)
Vltor Ambi sling endplates (7/22/06)
County Comm EOD Utility bag now in OD (7/8/06)

BFG/Vickers Combat Application Sling (6/20/06)
Kifaru's newest pack - the ZXR (6/18/06)
Kifaru pack setup and adjustment guide (6/11/06)
TADgear F.A.S.T. pack Alpha Gen II (6/10/06)
EMDOM Baby Shingle (6/5/06)
TAC-PACK emergency trauma kit (6/1/06)

New section added - "What's that?" (updated 5/23/06)
Warren Tactical Series pistol sights (5/18/06)
TLR-1 and X200 comparison (5/15/06)

TAG Industries SPRE sling plate (4/30/06)
OrcInd Modified Combat Uniform L4 and L5 in Unversal Camo Pattern (4/28/06)
Zensah short and long sleeved compression shirts in OD green added (4/28/06)
Snow Hike "Photo essay" - various gear (4/25/06)
HSGI Tactical Cap and Kifaru Hoodie (4/8/06)

Marathon Tritium SAR Diver's Watch (updated 3/30/06)
Maratac Compass Watch (3/25/06)
Personal Illumination page updated (3/22/06)
Vltor VIS preview (3/18/06)
Eotech 553 (3/18/06)
TangoDown Foliage Green Accessories (3/8/06)
Knife Mercharness (3/4/06)

HSGI Multicam Boonie (2/25/06)
SOTECH BFRPC (MACE rig) (2/19/06)
New SWMS gloves (2/18/06)
Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod (2/1/06)

TAD Gear Stealth Soft Shell Hoodie (1/30/06)
SORD Hardface Soft Shell (1/30/06)
SORD MFF rig (1/29/06)
Foliage Green Liger Belt (1/28/06)
Eagle Universal Chest Rig (SKD version) (1/28/06)
Crye Precision ballcap (1/21/06)



Revision Sawfly (12/15/05)
LIGER Gen II Gun Belt Buckle
KP Industries knee and elbow protection (12/7/05)

i-SHOT/S.E.R.T. System Tac Carbine Case (11/27/05)
Enidine AR-restor hydraulic Buffer (11/27/05)
EMDOM USA CQB Pistol and M4 pouches (11/15/05)
High Speed Gear Weesatch (11/12/05)

Trident Knives TCFM 02 (9/13/05)
RailRiders Eco-mesh pants and Sawtooth shorts (9/12/05)
Kifaru Express Pack (9/10/05 - new pics added)
Drop Zone Tactical Recce Smock (9/10/05 - new pics added)
TangoDown PR-4 sling mount (9/6/05)
Lathrop&Sons Footbed/Hanwag Boots (9/1/05)

Ranger Green and Tan Zensah Compression Shirts (8/22/05)
Mystery Ranch NICE 6500 bag (8/1/05)

Crye Precision SAPI plate pockets for Armour chassis (7/23/05)
BCS Tactical Shotgun Scabbard (7/21/05)

Lowa Seeker Desert PT boots (6/27/05)
Crye Precision MICH Helmet Cover (6/16/05)
BlueWallProject Warrior Spirit knife (6/11/05)

Blaze SS T-shirt added - Arc'Teryx LEAF (4/28/05)
Safety Systems SIG glove (4/13/05)
BCS Protective Body Armour Carrier (4/5/05)
Vltor's new prototype Scout Mount (4/4/05)
Couple of range pics added with the Crye Precision Combat Uniform 4/2/05

PCU Levels 4, 5, and 6 from OrcInd (3/20/05)
Zulu watchbands (3/5/05)
PCU Levels 1, 2, and 7 from SEKRI (3/2/05)

STEPS Inc. PCU Level 3 PCU Pullover (2/27/05)
Tailgunner platform (2/26/05)
Insport PCU Level 3 Pullover (2/25/05)
Newly added section - Weapons Lights (2/17/05)
Petzl headlamps (2/15/05)
Jetboil PCS (2/14/05)
Practical Tactical Frankensling (2/9/05)
New Vltor compartment tube design (2/5/05)
Kifaru Tailgunners (2/5/05)
New Illumination page added (2/4/05)
TCI's Professional Cell Phone earpiece (2/4/05)
SureFire's M73 revisited (2/2/05)
New Blades page added (2/2/05)

Arena Industries Flakjak goggles (1/22/05)
Oregon Aero® BLU® Kit
Oregon Aero® SoftSeat™ Cushion
More Multicam Kifaru Marauder pics added under products 1/16/05 (painted webbing)


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