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Kifaru ParaHootch

Canopy and optional pole kit (.45 for scale)

The canopy can fit into a 3-mag pouch!

Canopy details

Set at its maximum height

Moron JR and equipment

I think he actually dozed off

Set at a lower height

Both of us inside, with equipment

Kifaru's ParaHootch is an ultra lightweight shelter/basha made of silicone impregnated paraglider fabric, to make it windproof and waterproof. It is not a tent with a closed bottom, and is open at the front. Shown here is the canopy and optional pole kit, which includes 14 Durapeg tent stakes, and front and rear 'nesting' aluminum poles. The poles are located in the hootch with hypalon 'locator wedges' (what I've labeled as the 'hypaloon support pole point' in the picture below). The back pole is adjustable from 0-26" and the front one from 12-42". The canopy stores in its own sewn-on stuff sack, but it is even more compressible and can scrunch down into an M4 3-mag pouch! The material is incredibly light and has a slick feel to it.
Moron JR and I took this out to the desert on a chilly and blustery day. We set it up at its maximum height, and later at a lower pole height (it actually could have been lower and wider). It wasn't hard to set up. The supplied pegs kept pulling out of the soft, sandy ground, so I substituted my longer Easton aluminum tent pegs which worked well. I'm sure the supplied pegs will work well in other instances. We started out with pegging the back corners and edge, placed the rear pole in its support point, then pitched the front pole with its tension cord. We then worked out way around to the front. We did a better job the 2nd time around. The hootch is actually pretty long - there's ample space for equipment in the back, and enough space for two people to lay side-by-side (though that might be slightly cramped). The lower/wider setting probably works better for two people as it provides more width, but you won't be able to sit up in it though. With my poncho liner on the ground, it was downright comfy :-)

Kifaru Field Chair

The fieldchair in its more upright position

In a lower position - it can go even lower than this

I've been using this thing at home and moron JR and I recently took it out to the field. It's a simple yet ingenious piece of equipment that relies on your own body to provide tension in the fabric 'base', which keeps the 'back' upright and supporting your back or head. It will support you in an almost upright sitting position, all the way down to a flat position, acting much like a pillow. It takes a few times to figure out how to position the poles behind you, but once you get the feel/knack for it, it's simple. The chair rolls up into a compact package. More pics and descriptions on Kifaru's field chair page.

Padded Chamber Pocket

The padded chamber pockets replaces the standard chamber pocket on the inside of the pack and is lightly padded to protect its contents (scopes shown for example).

E&E Back Pouch

E&E with a nalgene bottle for scale

The rear sleeve - better for flat things, but can fit a hydration bladder

The chamber pocket and front inside common loops

Docked to a marauder

Closeup of dock and lock

Back of pouch showing one strap and buckle stowed

Added pouches (a PCU soft shell jacket in the MM dump pouch on the right)

E&E dock & locked to a RAV

side view of the RAV

D&L'd to a MESA

On the MESA

I've been waiting for this neat little pouch to come out ever since Mel spoke of it. I'll tell you right now - I love it! My wife calls it 'cute'. The E&E is based on the standard back pouch - capacity and dimensions are the same, and docks and locks in the same manner. However, the E&E has PALS webbing added on the front, and the sides for attachment of more MOLLE pouches or modular accessories, its own shoulder straps, a back sleeve pocket, carry handle, chamber pocket, and additional common loops inside. The compression straps that normally attach the pouch to the pack have their own female buckles attached to the pouch when not docked to a pack, so they can still be used as compression straps. These buckles stow away when not in use, via some scallops in the rear sleeve. The 2" wide non-padded shoulder straps disconnect at the bottom and stow inside the sleeve (which can fit a 70oz baffled hydration bladder - they're wider and flatter). Inside, a chamber pocket is hung from the rear common loops and another one can be added in the front. I attached a Maxpedition Rollypoly (MM Dump pouch) and a Mini Rollypoly on the other side, which can fit a Nalgene bottle. They stay folded up out of the way until you need them. With the addition of a Blackhawk utility pouch on the front, I've been using this as my mini-pack to carry to the office. E&E might mean 'Escape and Evasion' , but for me, it's my 'Everyday & Everywhere' pouch :-) I added a couple more pics of the E&E dock and locked to two MOLLE compatible vests - the Paraclete RAV and the PT MESA. More pics and descriptions on Kifaru's E&E Back Pouch page.


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