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EMDOM USA Flex Inner Belts

11/18/19 - EMDOM-USA has introduced their Flex Inner Belts in 1.5" and 2" widths. The Flex Inner Belt is designed as a practical combat trouser belt that allows some expansion, emergency storage, and can be worn alone of in conjunction with any outer belt system that features a hook Velcro inner surface.


The Emdom Flex Inner Belts come in 1.5" and 2" widths, and are designed as stand-alone belts or use with any outer belt that is lined with hook Velcro. They're constructed mainly of webbing and loop velcro material, and feature an overlapping velcro closure. There's no buckle to add bulk. They're available in S, M, L XL and custom sizes, and in Crye MultiCam, Coyote, Ranger Green, Grey and Black.


  • Available in 1.5" and 2" widths
  • Slim, low profile design with velcro closure. No buckles or ladderlocs.
  • Full exterior with loop Velcro surface.
  • Constructed of a single layer of 1.5" or 2" wide Velcro loop, backed by two rows of 3/4" or 1" wide durable nylon webbing
  • 9" long hook and loop Velcro closure allows for 4"-5" of adjustability
  • Low profile 1.5" or 2" wide metal loop facilitates aligning and tightening of the belt
  • The loose end is tapered and features a sturdy Trelleborg HANK/hypalon pull tab, or Blue Force Gear ULTRAcomp pull tab (MultiCam)
  • Trelleborg or BFG ULTRAcomp fabric is used to prevent wear from Velcro passing through the metal loop
  • Multiple inner storage compartments for emergency items like cash, keys etc
  • Doubled elastic (3" in length) at the center back allows for flex and expansion when bending, kneeling etc
  • Oval Trelleborg HANK fabric patch on inside of elastic expander helps create friction and prevents unwanted sliding of the belt around the waist


2" and 1" belts

Pull tabs

Rear elastic expansion

Inner center back

Storage compartments

Compartment on 2" belt


The Flex Inner belt offers some features not found on other inner belts - a rear flex/expansion panel, and internal storage. The rear flex panel is made of two layers of elastic, and allows the belt to expand slightly when bending or kneeling. It also provides some expansion without having to adjust the length of the belt, adding comfort. A hypalon oval sewn on the inside of the elastic panel helps keep the belt from sliding or shifting around the waist. The use of hypalon for the pull tab and metal loop end of the belt ensures easy threading of the loose end and less wear on the belt due to the hook Velcro snagging on webbing.

A neat feature of the 1.5" and 2" Flex Inner belts is the storage compartments. The belts will have four 5" long compartments, with two smaller ones depending on the size of the belt that is ordered. On the 1.5" belt, the compartments are 1.2" tall (the seam takes up some space along the edges of the belt), and the 2" belts have compartments that are 1.75" tall. Any kind of flat items can be stored in the compartments within reason, as long as they're not too thick or inflexible. SD cards, cash, gold or silver coins, keys, etc can be secretly worn on the body.


1.5" belt

2" belt

2" belt center back

Patch 'buckle'


Notes/observations - The Flex Inner belt is similar in design to their Adam Belt, which is a simple, low profile trouser belt with no buckle, but an overlapping Velcro closure. The Flex Inner belt is like an Adam Belt 'plus', adding more features like the complete exterior being covered in loop Velcro. I don't typically use an inner/outer belt system as my gun belts don't always sit exactly where my pant belt ends up. It depends on the rise of the pant. But, many people do use inner/outer belt systems so the Flex Inner belt is compatible with any outer belt that is lined with hook Velcro.

The metal loop has less bulk than a plastic loop or buckle, so the Flex Inner belt is comfortable under an outer belt. When adjusting the belt and donning it, I don't tuck the loose end into the belt loop as it's a bit of a pain to thread through and pull back out as the velcro engages. I just did it for the picture above. I couldn't tell whether the hypalon oval at the back is effective in preventing the belt from sliding, but sticking the loose end over the first belt loop captures it, and by default, prevents undue movement.

To test out the compartments, I put folded bills in them and single keys, and once on the pant I forgot that they were there. Note that the 2"-wide belt will accommodate larger items obviously. For the 1.5" belt, I had to fold bills over in thirds, while for the 2" belt, I only had to fold them over in half (width wise), and then once again length-wise. You can stick a velcro patch on the 2" wide belt to serve as a 'buckle', or to advertise your company/brand/whatever. If you really want to annoy people, you could also cover the whole belt in patches. Why? Because 'tactical'. Might be a good belt to walk around SHOT show with and to collect patches on. All joking aside, it's a well-made, simple, inner belt with some added functionality - good stuff!





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