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...extremely good guys, that is.

An Online Video Network that tells the stories of Americans protecting our country.

Full of great info and pic of various military equipment. Like a gear museum.

HKPRO -The most comprehensive HK site I've seen. Just about everything you ever wanted to know about HK weapons.

Military Motorcycle Accident Attorneys
Ehline Law Firm PC - Helping active duty and reservists with their motorcycle injury claims.

I design gear for EMDOM


Good sniper info site

Custom made packs and military gear in Israel

Gear Guru's gear and equipment update blog

Defense Review.com
Online magazine community with the latest news on guns, gear, gun laws and personal defense.

Military-styled and constructed gear for everyday use. Innovative, well designed and constructed.

OPTactical Gear
Operationally Proven Gear - East coast dealer in all kinds of gear and equipment. Great product description pics and info.

Colorado AR15 Shooters
Discussion forums and good AR info.

A modern twist to the military pin-up girl, plus a lot more cool art.
Mystery Ranch Military Backpacks
Big Dana's Mil division of Mystery ranch - home of the NICE ALICE frame

Home of MULTICAM, the best combat clothing, and a great bunch of people.

DIY material information, gear reviews, morale patches.

Informative climbing site with excellent articles on clothing and gear which can also be used by the soldier. How clothing works to keep us warm is explained in a way I haven't seen yet elsewhere.

Lots of good gear from different manufacturers, and some exclusives. Tell Joe I sent ya.

ARMS Magazine and Gunner DVD
ARMS magazine is Japan's real gun/airsoft magazine and Gunner DVD features real weapons and militaria.

Created to be a repository of different methods, ideas and knowledge to promote self-sufficiency, survival and understanding.

Custom body armour carriers and tactical gear.

California-based FFL/firearms transfers, repairs and sales

Tactical Pants Guide
A comprehensive guide to the different tactical pants on the market

The premier home gunsmithing resource

The best technical forum for the AR-15 out there

The Wounded Artist Project
A non-profit sending art kits to war wounded recovering in military hospitals. Check out their videos here.

A Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant's Program for Elite Fitness

John Kidd's Military Pinups
John provides dedicated pinup art to British and Allied forces serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and takes requests from units. He doesn't currently have a website, so visit his facebook fan page link above, or his Myspace page.

ARC - Association for the Recovery of Children
The Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of former and active Intelligence, Military, and Law Enforcement personnel, dedicated to the recovery of missing and exploited children, foreign and domestic. Please support their efforts.

Schutzhund, Police K9 & Military Dog Equipment.

High quality training solutions - inert training aids

Go Shoot Guns
Rifle scope reviews plus more

The Gear Hunt
Hunting and Outdoor Gear Reviewed and Tested

A Straight Arrow
Archery and all things outdoors

My HuntinGear
A resource for all things related to hunting

Knife Informer
Knife Informer is committed to providing you with in-depth and unbiased opinions on all things knife related.

A Smarter Tip
Outdoor, hunting and fishing gear.

Gear, guides, tips and resources on Archery

Spotting Scope Guide

Gungoal is a website created for shooting/hunting enthusiasts.

Sorry, I do not post DEALER OR MANUFACTURER link requests unless I've done business with you.

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